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Working with Fabrice has been straight forward and simple. If you don’t know what your goals are, Fabrice will guide you the way forward. If you don’t know how to achieve your goals, Fabrice will guide you to the straight pathway. So simple.

Tamara – Books to Taxes


We found this coaching very useful as we got so many practical ways to expand & market our business. We learnt how to keep existing clients’ loyalty, and how to attract new clients within & outside our community. We would strongly recommend every business to follow these guidelines.

Elite Accountants

So many accountants are overworked and earn incomes that are below what they could be earning, plus they could also have a better lifestyle and happier clients.

One of the segments in which we specialise is coaching for accounting firms, mainly coaching for accounting practices with turn-over below $20 million.

We have helped firms improve their results and go to the next level. Just recently one of his few private clients tripled the size of their book and teams in just a few months.

We do dedicated group coaching for accounting firms, over 8 weeks cycles, outside of office hours, usually over via interactive web based delivery. One on one coaching is available to selected applicants and this would usually be for 12 months and over. It is possible to get great results even for smaller firms, I contributed to add $400K to the fees of a small firm, in less than one year with a cost under 30K. Typical firms though for one on one would be in a higher tier and there is a preliminary mutual assessment process.

During the course you will amongst others find out a way for some firms to get top positions on the internet very quickly (depending on your suburb as we have some exclusive arrangements in place in some territories and might not make it available any more), and also a potential way to very quickly pay back for your course with one simple action, and create in the process additional income streams with minimal effort. We do not make any guarantees or claims here and it depends on your individual circumstances, but it is possible to get both those goals organized within the first two sessions.

We find that most firms which have reached a plateau, or do not manage to reach critical mass often have the same symptoms.

Fabrice Beillard is very well connected and has referred quality clients to my accounting firm for several years now. I find Fabrice very professional and very easy to deal with, and look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.

Glenn Hughes Director – Glenn Hughes & Associates
Chartered Accountants


A vast majority of firms have the capacity to succeed and the right technical skills, but do not have the knowledge to actually do it. What we want to enable you to do is:

  • Improve communications skills to build better rapport with prospects and clients
  • Attract more referrals
  • Generate more clients by understanding and using low cost and no cost lead generation
  • Get the right KPI’s in your business that will result in outstanding client satisfaction
  • Capture the $ that your clients spend with other service providers
  • Create value for your clients and have them happy that you increase your fees
  • Attract more of the good clients that resonate with you
  • Acquire clients more quickly and efficiently
  • Organise your business and your team so it does not rely on the partners
  • Make your client book a real asset
  • Change your services and fees set up so your cash flows improve
  • Close more business from the same amount of leads
  • Etc.
This is mostly achieved by assisting you to set the right goals for your business and for firm owners to have momentum and accountability to achieve those goals consistently.

These course are interactive and there are limited places for each cycle. We cannot guarantee allocation and if so you can chose a full refund or to leave a deposit and be on waitlist for the the next group.

Our affordable and unique Accounting Firms Group Coaching program:

  • the above bonuses/options to get immediate return on your investment
  • $1799 for the full 8 sessions course to transform your practice
  • Results guarantee: if you are not satisfied after the first session you can get full refund

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I am very pleased I used your Coaching program because I could meet … corporate clients … took my services. As per Fabrice’s guidance, this client become my ongoing client. I will continue have this Coaching programme for my business career.

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