Business Networking

If you are bored of business networking events where you do not come back with enough contacts, where you have to figure out how it works by yourself, and/or where the only result you get from networking is getting people promoting their services to you, then come to our events to get a different result! Register here for next event and future updates:

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The ones called networking only obviously focus on networking! We offer free short instructions to maximise your results including Essential Skills for building Joint Ventures and Partnerships and get amazing results from networking.

You may have heard many times your network is your net worth; we want for these events to contribute to achieving that for you. Networks are an essential part of building a successful business and the networking events are for the benefit of our members. We will not promote any services or offers at the networking event even though we sponsor the event. There will be great content though, but very short.

What is different about us and why do people love the experience?
  • We understand that running a business is about creating long term mutually beneficial relationships. Networking and joint ventures is about making your mutual time worthwhile long term, not just collecting cards.
  • We have some very different and unique fun networking formats that you will enjoy. We will teach you how networking is meant to be done and also offer format including speed networking that will make sure you cover a lot of opportunities for business matches in a short period of time.
  • Our goal is to help you to become more skilled while actually enjoying yourself and building strong connections!
  • There are multiple fun and varied networking formats and groups out there, we tend to attract quality people.

For those of you who are interested in Business Success Education, you can register to our other events see our full schedule and events registration page.

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