Our mission is to assist business owners to achieve goals, improve their financial results, and increase their quality of life.

The main way we work is via group business coaching. Sessions happen weekly outside of business hours. We deliver also compact week end business coaching workshops and seminars focused on key profit drivers and establishing the right fundamentals for success. Please call us on 1300679994 or send us an email so we can discuss your particular circumstances.

We do one on one coaching with selected businesses and we need to go through a diagnostic first to see if we are suited to each other. Although that diagnostic and tune up session is free, we cannot guarantee to allocate one to each person requesting it, and we cannot take all clients on board for one on one coaching.

For one on one coaching, there are different packages suitable for different stages, objectives and types and sizes of businesses. If we decide to work together on an ongoing basis we will recommend the best options for you so you can chose which one best suits you.

We do things differently at Australia Business Coaching and we may request that we go through the full workshop first to set the basis the right way, and/or to go through some General and Lifestyle coaching for a cycle of 8 weeks to make sure the owners/stakeholders and their goals and values are aligned and congruent with the business so we can set the right goals.

Another key difference is we offer a no results no fee clause . You will not find many people prepared to do so and because we know what we do will help you we are prepared to give you this massive commitment. If there ever is a month where you feel you did not get the value we will cancel your invoice provided the request is reasonable and justified and we cannot remedy to it within 7 days. We also base some of fee structure on results.

The contents of coaching vary a lot since they are mostly driven by the business and its owners, however as a guideline:

  • questionnaire so we can decide if the business will benefit from seeing us
  • free interview to find out more, then give a thorough feedback on the business
  • if someone decides to benefit from that, we will then organise our first meeting and agree on key targets for the year so we work on them
  • below are examples of areas that need to be worked on

Increase your leads – Set goals and get a better chance achieve them with a good coach- Increase your sales (conversions) – Measure your business to improve it – Have clear vision goals and mission – Find how much an average client is worth to you and how much you should spend on client acquisition – Have clear targets – Have a business you can explain to anyone: 1 page business plan – Have visibility on your figures: get your cash flows and budgets reviewed so they can improve – Be on first page of Google whether you have a website or not – Save time and reduce risks: Processes and Systems (distribution, technology, policies, procedures, etc.) – Sell more advertise less : know your target market – Get more of the better clients : analyzing and improving your client mix – Get people to respond to your offers: Unique Selling Proposition and Killer Offer – Know where you stand: Competitive Analysis – Give your clients a chance to buy: get clear on your products – Have better employees that work harder for you: learn Leadership – Do not make major mistakes that can kill your business: Business basics – Better lifestyle : Time management AND much more .

If you do not have the above in place, do yourself a favour and pick up the phone, give a risk free trial to business coaching and have one of our team talk to you: If you want to find out which type of business you have and where you would fit in our program please see this link:

Contact us now on 1300 679 994 to apply for your $500 worth of free coaching.