Join the ranks of thousands of business owners all over the globe who were able to make leaps forward.


In a power pack short session You Will Discover…

An effective proven transition from a modest organization where you are still involved in operations into an autopilot cash producing sellable asset, or an industry powerhouse.

Work on the drivers that will increase profits and returns, and enable you to build the teams and systems that will give you Freedom and long term certainty and stability.

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Get: A concrete 12 months success plan to achieve more

After interacting with thousands of businesses all over the world and coaching some of the top performers in business I saw an obvious consistent pattern: businesses that are clear on their strategy, their goals, their gaps (in particular some of their foundations that they avoided to take care of and have -consciously or not- held them back for years) make fast decisions, take congruent and consistent actions and get better, faster and more predictable results. They also have a clear end in mind and the business is geared towards those goals and looks after their personal needs and their teams. The ones who don’t, inevitably get busy working on “urgent” things and feel overwhelmed and stressed out by the growing complexity and number of priorities within their business. They might still grow the business, but are just paying more taxes and salaries and not creating a sellable business that can work on its own and later feel like they have wasted their good years for something that did not matter in the end. Businesses that are not at (multiple) 7 figures usually do not have a clear plan to execute and to keep themselves and their team accountable to. As many others before you the light bulbs will switch on when you attend. You will understand what needs to happen, when and why, and if you have historically been poor at some parts of execution you will also understand how to produce different behaviors and results.

Improve: How to optimize marketing results and ROI: replicate a time tested Cash machine system

If you are reading this getting customers is not your primary problem and your product/service and fit to market has ticked enough boxes for you to have some flow. You are at the point where small incremental tweaks can produce major upsides, a lot of them short term. Even with bigger businesses, we still find proven easy to implement tweaks that have major impact. The deal has changed and a lot of owners and stakeholders struggle to catch up with the online game, the new ways of selling and get taken advantage of or miss out on great tactics and arrive when they already are outdated and competitive. Think what you missed out when you started SEO after all of us cashed in many years before it got crowded, then you may have missed Facebook, what are you missing right now that is very effective before the cycle is on its way down? We will cover intermediate to advanced topics here and focus on conversions and scaling your sales effort. I have not found a business yet where there was not an improvement. You will see how you can apply our systems to increase your conversions: more leads more conversions, more cash. The same one I use to help many companies all over the world to the tunes of millions of dollars. Get what works in the current environment and what you are probably doing wrong so you can have better results and funnel.

Learn: Time, Productivity and Wealth Secrets of Multi-Millionaires and celebrity Business Owners

People who run massive entities have the same 24 hours per day than you and they still find the time to do it all. I tend to run this event once a year and a lot of the time we hear business owners when they arrive tell us that it is hard to find good people, that their industry is different, and all sort of reasons why they are busy sometimes to the point that they unconsciously slowly but surely were running their business to the ground to escape the mounting pressures. What we find and you can see in many testimonials is once their business deserves good people because the leadership, the right habits, and the systems and processes are in place, the good people show up, the average step up and the ones who should not have been there quit! My number one value in life is Freedom and I consider Time the number one asset in business: I would hate for you to just make more money after tweaking your marketing and the other elements we will work on that have major impact. If there are not important elements such as Lifestyle, Wealth, Legacy, Contribution, Vision, Purpose, and Freedom that comes with the business what is the point anyway you may as well just be a CEO in someone else’s corporation and take your check every month right?

Work fewer hours, have more time to enjoy doing the things you love…AND understand what really generates profits and cash in your business so you stop being busy going nowhere and doing crap that just makes you tired. I understand being busy is good for the ego but being productive makes money and creates lifestyle, and enables to live with passion and energy. Understand the 5 things only you need to do that will guarantee higher returns and more productivity. We will work together for you to reconnect with the central elements for business financial mastery and to understand key leverage points for business finance and productivity techniques used by top performers.


Your ticket will also get you:

Access to videos on some of the key points we will cover on the day and more will be given to you at the event.

My Commitment:

I attend a lot of events myself and speak on stages all over the world with other business leaders and I hate wasting time with people who just talk about themselves and sell the whole time and pretend that they are giving you value, or people who just repeat old theories that have no impact in the real world and useless things to make you feel good and just motivate you to go downhill faster. I will never do that to you. I give you my absolute guarantee to deliver on the above system and points. If I don’t, I will give you a voucher for $899 usable against any of our products and services. Look around the internet and you will find that I always over deliver and keep my words


With the collective experience of thousands of businesses and putting together what my millionaire friends peers mentors and customers do and others don’t, here is what I find are main problems with small businesses that are not yet freed from operations and at multiple 7 or 8 figures.


Leaving way too much money on the table

The principles to maximize a funnel and optimize profits and revenues have been around for decades and a few of you probably already know some of it, the thing is most people don’t do it or do it wrong and do not know how to make it evolve to their market and the online age. I will even show you how making 2 to 5% small easy tweaks on only 5 of the areas of your funnel and metrics can return 100% extra profits in a business. This is one of the main reasons you will see so many customers quote crazy figures as we can help them tap in into these low hanging fruits fast. Sometimes their marketing is actually so bad that there is not even the slightest bit of automation, that some leads never get attended to at all, there are no follow up systems, they advertise with no idea of their cost of acquisition and effectiveness of their campaigns (they call that “branding” lol) and the list is very long. When you fix just one of these it can mean serious returns. If you have a marketing manager or team already in place in your business you still want to understand the high level so you can have the right conversations and understand their reports and how they can improve performance.

Why work harder if you can just squeeze more out of what you already have first and then make all your future efforts much more effective?


Feeling like there is not enough time in a day

A lot of business owners spend way too much time on the wrong things. A lot of the time they also have a business model that just won’t work to get to a new level and need to be reengineered or tweaked if they ever want to have freedom and not just a job with no boss, but bigger strings and stress attached. They feel the weight of the responsibilities that is now placed upon them. Sometimes the friction caused by not knowing what to do from there creates the temptation or unconscious behavior for some to compromise and stay at a plateau or even scale back to where it is known and comfortable missing out on the chance to actually create real Freedom and returns and a business that looks after itself, produces good returns and enables Lifestyle. Once you understand that there are only very few areas that will set you free and make you even more financially successful and how to run your business as a systemized machine and apply personal productivity, your life will look different very fast. Build the teams, build the systems and learn the steps to get out of operations to actually free yourself without hurting the business. Once you know what to do and understand how this works you will find it easy to replicate.


Confused and overwhelmed

The more your business grows the more the challenges, learnings and lessons will cost you so prevention is always better than cure. With a vast number of things vying for attention and your numbers starting to look better, it gets easy to start to get arrogant, too comfortable or forget the basics and that is a very dangerous game. And that disease happens at all levels: 40% of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010.

With things changing faster and so much to master, more people, more issues, more so called emergencies it can get easy to lose clarity on priorities. Sometimes those business owners just cannot cope with more and plateau as their business is not geared to handle more and end up running in all directions chasing more cash to keep things moving and never feeling confident about their long term future and trapped in their business. Does your business work for you or are you a slave to your business? Once you get out of the rut in a right environment you become unstoppable just like the many testimonials you may have seen elsewhere on the internet and customers achieving in one month what was eluding them for years.


My team and I mostly work with corporations routinely paying tens of thousands of dollars to have us optimize their business. Due to many requests from smaller businesses also wanting to get to that level, I now offer this hands on short workshop usually once a year to assist you get to higher levels faster and personally share with you some of those powerful systems and principles so you can implement them in your business.

Our Systems are globally acclaimed. Super Growth gets distributed by world class partners and presented on stages that also work with leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and many more. Super Growth and Optimization mainly caters to businesses owners already at multiple 6 or 7 figures who want to grow faster, smarter (Super Growth), and more profitably (Optimization) so they can dramatically accelerate the process for their business to be taken to a stage where they have the choice between: selling/cashing out - keeping the business but removing themselves from operations and work only when they chose to while still getting a great income - or taking the next steps to make it an industry powerhouse.

During an intense session, we will work on your business with a small quality group and understand critical steps of the system.

Click here to see some more of the content I would usually share when I run these events every year:


The event is actually free to allow people who qualify for that conversation to come and get an understanding of the process and to meet each other.

WHO is it for ?

One of the things about me and you will find in our hundreds of testimonials and on the internet is that I don’t like to waste people’s time as Time is the most precious thing we are given.

The nature and depth of the topics covered will provide value to the following business owners:


    You are at the minimum over 500K of annual revenue (please click here and leave your details if you are over 5 Million so we can quickly verify over the phone this will provide results or you need other options)

Who is not for:

    Business owners that do not have consistent flow of customers yet including, tech starts ups, network marketers

    People who already know everything


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A few questions we got in the past:

Fabrice, how much can you reveal in less than two hours?

Why is it free?

Are you selling something there? With all those results and for business who could afford to pay good money for such outcomes you must be selling something?

What this Event is Not…

What this Event Is…

Is this one of those multi speakers thing or a sales presentation?

How long will it last and what is the structure?

Do I need to bring something?

Can I bring friends?


This is last as I prefer to focus on what you achieve when you come and it is not about me; it is the power of the System, but I understand you might want to know my track record. I gave up a thriving corporate career to launch my own successful business to the point where I’ve become a sought after international speaker, trainer and best-selling author and regularly quoted in the media. I travel the world over speaking at events and spending time coaching a handful of high-end clients. I am coined as a Business Systems & Profit Growth Strategist, and some insiders know me as the secret weapon of some successful business owners around the world.

Over the years I’ve seen businesses apply my systems and achieve exceptional results in record time…leaving them surprised and amazed at how easily they could achieve what they may have even lost sight or hope for.

They are able to meet challenges with a new-found confidence and easily emerge as world class level leaders.

You’ve seen what many other business owners all over the world have achieved and had to say about me.

However if you’re still curious… Here’s some of what I have achieved that is relevant to results you could integrate or experiences you may also have:

- My first business I secured enough passive income to retire from if I wanted to at the time, all in less than 12 months and on a small budget

- I have helped many businesses from start-ups to multinationals add millions of dollars to their revenues and more importantly to their bottom line, one business moving from 2 to 40 million (and now way past those numbers) in less than 4 years

- I have personally sold millions of dollars of goods and services, I am not telling you about theories I am only interested in your results in the real world as you can see from my many testimonials

- I am not smarter than you nor special and some of my clients run much bigger businesses than mine. I have just invested thousands of hours and dollars educating myself in the best business schools in the world and more importantly self-educating so you don’t have to, and I tried, tested and put together processes until they can help you achieve outcomes, consistently

- I also made major bad judgement calls and learnt expensive lessons and had various learnings including losing all my income and my first company as I made some of the mistakes most business do but early so you can avoid them later

- I have built a cool lifestyle for myself where I travel 4 months per year and I am passionate about helping people to be able to enjoy the same, and help them create their own version of Success in a Holistic manner and get their business to fit with their personal goals and life and see the big picture

- I have interacted with thousands of business owners all over the world to be able to constantly fine tune over the years what works and what does not work in the current fast paced environment so you can save yourself the efforts, time and expensive lessons and trial and error

- Some of my packages for more advanced clients cost $500K. I hand pick a small number of private clients who routinely pay tens of thousands of dollars to work with me privately so this is a great opportunity to interact directly at no cost to you

- I have shared the stage with many other world leading business and personal development experts, and my systems get promoted globally by leading brands and promoters which also work with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and most global leaders

Some of the concepts are based on my experience working with high end businesses that are usually not within financial reach for a smaller business owners but that they need if they ever are to compete with the big dogs, and this is what drives me.

This event is very exclusive and we will only allow a small number of business owners so I suggest you make your decision fast.

Despite all challenges faced by business owners every day especially as they make the painful transition to the next level, some business owners make it look simple and seem to get results consistently and go over to the next phases much faster.

They follow a system and the proven path others took before.

Come to discover how it gets done, it is your first step to turning some parts of your life and business around and reaching new heights.