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Many business owners get in business with some goals and dreams in mind, and only very few of them achieve all of them. It is a common complaint from most business owners to either not have enough time, or not earn enough money, or both. Finances, Time Management, Marketing, Leadership are key and most owners have gaps in those areas. Education and working on the business can help, yet most business owners do not take or have the time, budgets, knowledge and motivation to take the right actions.

It is our intention to dramatically increase your chances for business success.
Based on meeting, working with, coaching and advising hundreds and hundreds of business and knowing what are the common success factors we have put together an affordable course that will give you an overview of things in an efficient and affordable way, when you would otherwise usually need to spend hours and thousands of dollars to get to learn, and some of the concepts we cover may not even be revealed to you at all.

We offer 8 weeks online group coaching sessions to achieve exactly that. The sessions are delivered over the internet with interactive tools and you will only need to allocate one hour per week to transform your business. As announced, you can benefit from the following incentive today:

  • $1799 program discounted to $1299
  • Each group Limited and Interactive for maximum value and personal attention
  • Bonus one one session for the first 3 to register (valued at $750)

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Some of the topics we usually cover (subject to time, and each group has different priorities, this is only a guideline, items in bold will always be covered):

  • Set the right goals for your business
  • Set goals the right way to have a chance for them to materialise: the big mistakes most businesses do and why they do not achieve their targets and dreams!
  • Discover basic but not known principles a lot of successful business follow
  • Learn so you can avoid the main reasons why most businesses fail
  • How to maximise your returns as the owner of the business
  • How to create more time in your business
  • How to attract, and retain quality satisfied staff
  • Improve communications skills to build better rapport with prospects and clients
  • Attract more referrals
  • Generate more clients with low cost and no cost lead generation
  • Put an efficient plan in place to generate a constant stream of automated profitable leads
  • Get the right KPI’s in your business that will result in outstanding client satisfaction and more profitability
  • Capture the $ that your clients spend with other service providers
  • Attract more of the good clients
  • Organise your business and your team
  • Close more business from the same amount of leads
  • Find out what are the key figures that influence profits and cash flows and how to optimize them
  • Etc.

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“Working with Fabrice helped change our mindset and taught us many ways to generate new business. Each session motivated us to work harder and seeing the results made it all worthwhile”

Joe – Construction

“I really enjoyed … getting a whole new look at my business.”

Rod – IT Firm

“gave me the inspiration and tools I needed to lift my self, and my business to the next level, and continue to grow.”

Petra – Health and Fitness

“I have a laser focus and a clear vision for the future of my business. Thank you.”

John – Speaker, Author and Coach