Your Coach

Fabrice is the Founder of the firm and still personally oversees Training, Coaching and Consulting programmes.

Fabrice has provided value to literally thousands of businesses over the years and worked with various types and sizes organisations on a global basis. Not only he has post graduate level studies in business from prestigious schools, has been leading teams and held high level positions in large international corporations, but also went to the school of hard knocks and operated small businesses himself thus understanding small business owners, and some things that a lot of others just simply don’t. He has helped businesses to the tune of millions and counting. He also started and co-owned many businesses ranging from accounting in Australia to night club in Hong Kong.

Some of the things that are important to Fabrice and the team are:

  • getting real life results no fluff: starting with a clear picture on the business and actionning improvements in the areas which will provide fast results and enable to collect usual low hanging fruits for our clients
  • integrity is key and we will always do things according to that
  • a part of our fees are results based which means if you don’t get the results you don’t pay